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The Superiority Complex of the Left


It seems to me the root motivation of the woke culture is their need to feel superior to others.  They have hijacked the civil rights movement and twisted and distorted it into a license for leftist authoritarianism and hedonism.

They don’t sincerely care for the marginalized.  They use them for political gain and power.  But their true goal is self-aggrandizement. They think they are above traditional conservatives, and see themselves as “remarkable.” Their arrogance and exaggerated sense of importance shows itself in the making of excessive and unjustified claims of superiority.

Yes, the woke have a superiority complex.  Their behavior suggests they believe they’re vastly superior to others. People with this complex have exaggerated opinions of themselves. They believe their abilities and achievements far surpass those of others.

Here’s the rub though. Paradoxically, a superiority complex may actually be hiding low self-esteem or a sense of inferiority. So, in actuality it appears the woke left suffer from an inferiority complex. How ironic. (From <>)


When talking to our leftist friends we need to lovingly and gently let them know that they are being egotistical when besmirching traditional conservatives. We can say things like, “I know you don’t mean to talk down about others, but you are.” Or, “With all due respect it seems to me that progressives think they are better than traditionalists.” Who knows, maybe you could even share this post with them.

Don’t say, “Does your back hurt carrying around that huge ego of yours!?!” That might feel good for the moment, but you’re not going to make any friends that way.


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